Additional Project Support

Management Team

Guy Sauvageau – Executive Committee IRIC

Josée Hébert – Executive Committee IRIC

Anne Marinier – Executive Committee IRIC

Sébastien Lemieux – Executive Committee IRIC

Muriel Draoui – Project Manager IRIC

Project Implementation

Jonathan Yeh – Executive Director Leucegene Project

Intellectual Property Protection

Julie Simard – Mercier – Intellectual Property Analyst IRICoR

IRIC’s platforms

Patrick Gendron – Bio-informatics

Danièle Gagné – Flow cytometry

Christian Charbonneau – Bio-imaging

Raphaëlle Lambert – Genomics

Jean Duchaine – High-Throughput Screening


Paresh Vyas – Professor of Haematology Oxford University

Richard Simon  –  Biometric Research Branch National Institutes of Health

Additional Support

Nathalie Sargo Andrade – Financial Analyst IRIC