Research resources and scientific data generated through the Leucegene project are made accessible to the scientific community after publication through international repositories.

Sequencing Data

RNA sequencing data is accessible through GEO or SRA.
More specifically, the following datasets are available:

  • Leucegene: ALL sequencing – Accession # GSE49601.
  • Leucegene: AML sequencing – Accession # GSE49642.
  • Leucegene: AML sequencing (part 2) – Accession # GSE52656.
  • Leucegene: AML sequencing (part 3) – Accession # GSE62190.
  • Leucegene: AML sequencing (part 4) – Accession # GSE66917.
  • Leucegene: AML sequencing (part 5) – Accession # GSE67039.
  • Transcriptome of Primitive Human Hematopoietic Cells: A New Resource to Find hHSC-Specific Genes – Accession: # GSE48846.
  • Transcriptome analysis of G protein-coupled receptors in distinct genetic subgroups of AML – Accession: GSE98310 .
  • Whole exome sequencing of human leukemia: SRA – Accession: PRJNA358716.

Bioinformatics Software and Databases

Software and databases are made available through web interfaces or code repositories:

Command-line tool developed to identify and quantify single nucleotide variants, insertions, deletions and duplications from RNA-seq data (also published in bioRxiv).

Integrative software package designed to provide an interface to view and interrogate large datasets including data derived from sequencing, clinical files and chemical compound responses. It is also published in Nucleic Acid Research Journal.

Chemical Compounds

Chemical compounds generated through this program as prognostic tools or hits/leads for potential therapeutic applications are available once scientific data and patents are published.

AML Patient Samples

AML patient samples have been obained from the Quebec Leukemia Cell Bank. Clinical data is available through publications of each AML genetic subtype such as EVI1, MLL, Complex karyotype, Core Binding Factor rearrangements, CEBP mutations etc.

IRIC Core Facilities

The Leucegene team has access to IRIC Core Facilities that include 10 state-of-the-art core facilities and one of the largest animal facilities in the country.  The medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics, genomics, HTS and animal facilities are strong supports to the leucegene projects.